Commission Rates & Rules

2.5”x3.5”  - $ 10
8.5”x11”   - $ 60
11”x14”    - $ 100

The pricing above is based on one pin-up character with a limited background. The more time and detail required for a commission, the more it will cost. For example, two or more characters or a more detailed background will raise the price. Before I begin a commission, I’ll quote a price based on your request. After the price is agreed upon, I ask that payment is received in advance.

Commission requests for hardcore pornography, furries, or images that are harmful to women or children WILL NOT be accepted!

How to Order
Simply email me. Please indicate the size and subject matter you want. Then after we agree to a price, I will finish the commission and mail it to you.

All commissions will be completed on Bristol board using a brush or crow quill with black India ink. Please note that the pencil under-drawing may be visible in inked commissions.

You pay for the creation and delivery of the original drawing. The commission is only for personal use. This means you can show it to your cool friends, frame it, and hang it. You may not use the commission for profit, use it for commercial means, or claim rights as your own work. I retain all rights to re-use any images produced for self promotion, prints, or however I may see fit. The commission rates apply only to the personal collector. If you would like to hire me for commercial illustration work, a professional contract will need to be drawn.

Shipping is $5 within the U.S. and $7 everywhere else. If more than one piece is commissioned in the same order, the same shipping charges will apply for the order as a whole.